Are Home Security Systems Worth It? 5 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

If you recently purchased a home, it’s likely that you are thinking about installing a new security system or upgrading the current one. You’ve done some research already and you may have read that it might not be worth the time and effort in installation and upkeep.

Keep reading to learn the answer to this burning question: Are home security systems worth it?

Are Home Security Systems Worth It?

Your home security system is worth every penny that you will put into it. There are so many benefits to having a security system installed in your home. Whether it is an upgrade to an existing system or you are starting with a blank canvas, you’re not alone.

New Generation Home Pro, Inc. offers services to the Montgomery County area for your individual home security system needs. Our services include a free consultation, installation, and service to our products. We only use reliable products that we have tested. To complement your home security systems, we can also install surveillance cameras.

5 Benefits of Home Security Systems

You can’t be too careful when it comes to securing and protecting your home. It’s almost impossible to narrow down the benefits of installing a home security system, but here a few of the important ones:

Protect and Secure Your Home

The number one priority when it comes to owning your home is to protect the people living in it. Securing your home while it’s unoccupied is another top priority when it comes to owning a home. Your possessions are important to you.

Home security systems drastically reduce the chances that your home will become the target of a burglary or home invasion.

2017 saw $3.4 billion in property losses as a result of burglaries. Home security systems act as a deterrent to burglars. In a survey that studied the perspective of a burglar, it stated that 60% of burglars would find a new target if a home alarm system was present.

Threat Detection

Protecting your family and your possessions from potential burglary is important. There are also issues that may pose a threat from the inside of your home.

A home security system can detect the following issues:

  • Smoke/fire detection
  • Carbon monoxide leak detection
  • Water damage detection

Having a security system that can tell you when something is wrong can save your life. It can also save you from spending a lot of money to repair any structural damage that any of these issues might cause.

Convenient Monitoring

Thanks to modern technology, you can access your security feed through your smartphone or laptop from anywhere. You can check in on your family or your pets when you can’t be home with them.

New Generation Home Pro, Inc. offers an option to have a monitored alarm system for a monthly rate. This can elevate your peace of mind knowing that you will receive notice of any suspicious activity that occurs. The proper authorities will also be alerted to any problems that might arise.

Energy Conservation

You can control the temperature and lights in your home through your home security system with the invention of smart technology. This can save you money in the long run when you forget to turn off the lights or turn down the temperature when you are going to be gone for an extended period of time. With the invention of modern technology, you can do this on the go with a few taps on your smartphone.

Insurance Premium Reduction

As a homeowner, there is no better feeling than saving money! Having a reliable security system can reduce the amount of money that you pay on your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Having a home security system installed in your house tells the insurance company that there is a smaller chance that the insurance policy will come into play. This allows the insurance companies to charge you a discounted rate for your insurance premium.

How Do Home Security Systems Work?

A home security system works because it has different devices interacting with your home and a live person. This can either be a monitoring service or it can be you, depending on the level of security that you need for your home.

The devices work together to secure the entrances in your home depending on if you are home or away. Some systems work with smoke alarms and the pipes in your home to detect potential threats.

The systems that link with monitoring services will update you to any issues that occur and they will even alert the authorities in the event of a burglary or a fire.

Home Security System Costs

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation so that we can discuss your home security options and the costs for each type. New Generation Home Pro Inc is going to be there for you until you are satisfied with our service.

Our monitored systems do have a monthly rate. Not all of our services cost anything after you pay for the product. We offer a financing option for anyone who may need it. For more useful information, check out our FAQ page.

New Generation Home Pro, Inc. Is the Way to Go

Our family-owned business is here to tailor a home security system to your specific needs. We know what it’s like to need to protect our families. Let us help you protect yours.

We won’t stop until you are happy with the final product. We come highly recommended by our customers.

What’s Next?

So, are home security systems worth it? They most definitely are! Every penny that you invest in your home security system will add to your sense of security and your peace of mind.

You should now know that your next logical step is to get a home security system installed immediately. We may even be able to work with your existing system if there is one already in place. You never know until you get your free consultation.

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