Home Automation SystemsThe advent of new technologies has made it easier for people to automate their homes. Home Security Systems allow users to keep a constant eye on their home environment through video monitoring or motion detection. Security systems can automatically detect when someone is in the house and send emergency messages to family, friends, neighbors, and police to help ensure residents’ safety. Security systems are usually connected to home automation platforms through a local hub or compatible devices. Security cameras, door locks, thermostat settings, and light settings can all be adjusted remotely with these home automation platforms. Here, we will cover some popular home automation systems available today. 


The security camera provides superior security systems. You can buy security system products that deliver top-notch performance, cutting-edge design, and the ultimate installation. Its advanced technology enables you to monitor your home remotely via mobile devices.

Home security alarm systems are designed to help you gain peace of mind. It offers multi-functional benefits to homeowners that other systems cannot duplicate.

Here are some of the popular home security systems:

Qolsys 7 inch Touchscreen Alarm Panel

The All-In-One IQ Panel 4 is the perfect solution for those looking to take their home security system into a new era. The advanced yet easy-to-use panel features industry-leading connectivity and reliability on LTE, WiFi Z Wave Bluetooth-powered wireless. The legacy systems like traditional landline telephones (PLT), alarm wires, and other networks are already installed; in your building or neighborhood, making it an ultimate choice! With an 8MP camera capable of flexible zoom plus speaker system that allows music streaming over Bluetooth, this versatile device also includes long-range secure encrypted signals giving you peace tuning back at any time, day or night.

The Qolsys Security System also features an easy-to-use 7-inch touchscreen and a built-in siren making it the most user-friendly Security Systems available. The Touchscreen IQ Panel enables intuitive control and automation for intelligent products such as thermostats, locks, lighting, and security. The Qolsys panel is easy to use with features that provide convenience in your home while also providing energy management when you’re away from it!

4 CH Network Video Recorder (NVR)

The 4 channel NVR is an excellent choice for individuals who need a basic system supporting up to 8MP resolution. This small yet powerful device comes with features like a mouse shortcut operation menu and remote management/control perfect for public safety or transportation applications. It is also cost-effective enough with its design making it ideal across multiple industries, including education & commercial buildings & retail Stores.

The Smart Motion Detection system can distinguish between cars and humans in a video for motion triggers, such as traffic intersections. It also features four built-in PoE ports to power IP cameras with an HDMI display. This video recorder comes in another configuration: 8 channel NVR and 32/64 channels are great ULTRA Series NVR.


One of the most well-known home automation systems is security cameras. It provides security with recording, live view, playback, WiFi viewing functionality, and more! Internet Security Cameras are devices designed to send visuals over a network via standard protocols such as email or FTP. Some of the IP cameras available at New Generation Home Pro Inc. are:


The dome camera is a great way to make sure your property stays safe. This security camera must be mounted near arms reach, but it has some features that help protect against tampering and light blows like the vandal-resistant casing, for example! The infrared night vision enables these cameras to see in total darkness. At the same time, varifocal lenses allow them to adjust themselves when getting closer views on different angles. This means you don’t miss anything with this product at all-they’re perfect if there are high traffic areas such as apartments or school hallways where something might happen.

Eyeball Turret Cameras

A turret security camera is a small, mobile device that pivots and swivels. This allows the ball-like lens to be aimed at any angle for perfect viewing your property or business area! They are easy enough to install anywhere you need them, with minimal tools necessary in most cases.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are a less-desired type of security camera compared to vandal domes. However, they do have some advantages such as better image quality and the ability for moisture entry due to their open design rather than being enclosed inside glass or metal cages like other types on installation sites can also cause problems. Many people don’t realize there’s more than one kind of system out there, so knowing which will work best is essential when deciding what sort you want in place before installing any new surveillance equipment. 

IP PTZ Cameras

IP PTZ cameras are surveillance technology that moves the camera in different directions and zooms in for various security events. The pan, tilt, zoom capabilities of these devices make it possible to monitor large areas with just one camera while still getting great clarity at all times!


Home automation is the easy way to control your home from afar. It gives you more time and freedom, as well as peace of mind that all those devices are doing what they need to do on their own without any intervention required! With a few clicks or voice commands away, we can set timers so lights turn off at night when it’s bedtime; thermostats know how warm/cool things should be during different seasons, saving energy with excellent design features like humidity sensors. Security cameras will take care of themselves day and night.

Following are some of the devices that are very popular in 2021:

Kwikset 916

The Kwikset SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Deadbolt is the perfect way to expand your home security system with Z-wave technology. It can wirelessly communicate and work together for easy functionality between devices while also providing you peace of mind knowing that no one will be able to enter without authorization or unlock it if they find a spare key! This can be programmed over WiFi through an app, allowing you to monitor it at home or away.

Alarm.com Smart Thermostat

Create a connected environment that is tailored to your customer’s needs. The Alarm.com Smart Thermostat represents the next generation of connected devices. It combines streamlined hardware and sophisticated cloud services with an ecosystem for intelligent energy management solutions – now you can provide them the ultimate level of comfort they won’t find anywhere else!

Doorbell Camera

Wireless doorbell cameras are a great way to experience the wonders of home automation. They send push notifications when they detect motion, record video day or night, and have two-way audio for talking with guests at your doorstep! There’s no guesswork involved; you’ll know whether it’s someone pressing an unfamiliar bell or if it’s just some neighbor out delivering mail on his route. It’s because he will be able to talk directly through these devices too!

Garage Door Controller

A garage door opener is a motorized device that operates and closes the gate on your home’s exterior. Most openers also come with handheld remote controls, which can be used from short distances away to start or stop operations of these motors without having physical contact, making them perfect for those who may not want any sparks flying during installation times! 

Smart Socket

With the help of this latest device, you’ll be able to control up to 2 outlets independently. You can check your energy usage at any time or see what has been used in previous weeks, months, and years with ease through our intuitive interface that clearly shows how much power each device is using!

WiFi Mesh System – Eero Pros

For a home that’s bigger than 6,000 sq. ft., an eero Pro 3-pack is the only way to go. The ultimate WiFi experience with professional-grade tri-band mesh throughout your entire living space and even more devices on top of it all! Security cameras, hubs, lights, locks, everything you could imagine that needs a WiFi connection will be perfectly covered as one system!

Eero is a powerful home WiFi system built with security and technology from the ground up to meet today’s needs. An intelligent system creates several wireless access points (i.e., euros) that provide blanket WiFi coverage. It is a mesh of connections that enable a single reference to the modem via a wired Ethernet port on each eero. Security comes standard with automatic software updates and an encrypted network connection at all times! 

Google Nest

It is a home security system that can control and monitor more than 30,000 smart products from various brands. Unlike other systems, which require you to log in with your account every time there’s an issue or change needed within the ecosystem (e.g., activating new accounts), Google Assistant will always know what needs updating without any additional work on behalf of users!

Mentioning features such as thermostats and doorbells helps give context for why this online shopping service might be useful, especially since it integrates seamlessly across devices through voice commands only available via a Google Home device.

There are many benefits to using Google Nest Security Systems for your home. Security systems can be controlled through multiple devices with one login, making monitoring the entire household from a single app interface easy. Security cameras and door locks can also be activated or deactivated from any device. Security cameras have strong night vision capabilities and record accurate footage even in the dark. Security systems are also easy to install in most homes, and they include an emergency cell phone backup system that can connect you to the police when necessary. Security systems are becoming more popular for people who want the convenience of monitoring or controlling their homes remotely.

Apple HomeKit

It is a software framework that connects and controls the various products from Apple, including iPhones, Macs, Watches, etc. With Siri, you can interact with these smart devices in an iOS app or on your macOS computer just like before! However, one thing to note about this ecosystem is there are limitations when compared to other popular home automation systems. This means they may not support some third-party brands due to their inability to work together- maybe for security purposes. Still, also so it doesn’t dilute user experience too much if anything were ever compromised? Either way, we’ve listed our top picks below – consider what brand suits best depending upon how many “out of the box” uses you need.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is the ultimate home automation system. Not only can it control smart devices with voice commands, but there are also skills for users to set up different functions they need on their own based on what’s available in ASK – Amazon’s collection of pre-made “Skills” that come free with purchase! Skills are like apps for the Amazon Alexa device. The more skills you have them, the more valuable your smart home will be! Amazon Alexa also supports an ever-increasing number of devices, so it’s one to try out. Security systems are becoming more popular for people who want the convenience of monitoring or controlling their homes remotely.


Simplisafe is a home automation system that helps you keep your family safe by sensing any potential intruders or fires. The SimpliSafe Home Security System operates just like its name: safe and straightforward! It’s also designed for DIY, meaning users can install it themselves if they know how to do essential wiring work (or hire an electrician). With this device installed in their house, a 24/7 monitoring service will be provided via smart devices such as Amazon Alexa while providing complete compatibility with 5 different brands. This is much better than other systems on the market today!

Security cameras are the most popular device bought on SimpliSafe. Security systems can be controlled through multiple devices with one login, meaning monitoring the entire household from a single app interface is straightforward. Security cameras have strong night vision capabilities and record accurate footage even in the dark. Security systems are also easy to install in most homes, and they include an emergency cell phone backup system that can connect you to the police when necessary. Security cameras are about protecting your family, and SimpliSafe Security Camera Systems plays a massive part in doing just that. Security systems are becoming more popular for people who want the convenience of monitoring or controlling their homes remotely while providing easy installation throughout any home. This is why Simplisafe is becoming a top choice for many.


The Wink home automation system is a great way to have complete control of your house from anywhere in the world. The company’s wide variety of protocols means you can use it with many different third-party products. It includes Amazon Echo and Google Home for voice commands or linking up to other devices like lights that need Powers Off When Not In Use protocol, so they don’t consume energy when left unattended.

The best part about this Wi-Fi-enabled device. It supports WI-FI-enabled devices and works with other popular home automation systems such as Nest, Sonos, Lutron Caseta, Insteon, and more. With this smart device, you can control your home from a central hub by using many different services, including iFTTT, an Android app that enables users to automate actions between two apps on their phones.


The company that started the home automation revolution is back! However, they have evolved with time. ELAN has combined entertainment, lighting control, and climate information delivery in one single interface to create a customized experience for you. Now with your Alexa voice command – how great it never gets old when all these features come together at once on whatever device you like (either an elan remote or smartphone).

Logitech Harmony Companion

The Logitech Harmony Companion is a home automation system that provides remote controls, hubs, and apps for users to control their smart homes. This system supports WiFi and proprietary RF protocols on top of Bluetooth compatibility; it’s compatible with more than 270,000 products, including brands like Apple TV or Lutron Smart Bridge (reviews).

Through this system, users can control their entire house with the click of a single finger. Operating it is simple with either an iPhone or Android smartphone or use the standard universal remote, which you get in the box when purchasing the system.

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With the evolution of technology, home automation systems are becoming more popular for homeowners. We’ve listed some of the most common and beneficial types in this blog post so that you can decide which will work best with your lifestyle. Which style do you find to be the most useful? Let us know by commenting below! New Generation Home Pro Inc., TX is a leading provider in Texas for all things smart homes – from installation services to repairs on faulty equipment. Contact us if you need assistance choosing or installing an efficient system at your property!