Did you know that you can reduce home burglaries by 38% by simply locking your doors and windows? Burglars actively choose homes that are unprotected because they are easier to break into.

Break-ins can happen in any neighborhood, but most of them are crimes of opportunity. Keep your property protected and your family safe by implementing these 10 home security tips today.

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1. Secure Your Front Door

It may be surprising to learn that 34% of burglars enter your home through the front door. You can burglar-proof your home by adding an extra layer of protection at the main entrance.

Replace a cheap hollow door with a solid wood or metal door. Hollow doors should only be used in the interior of the home.

Keep your front door safe by replacing the deadbolt strike plate. The strike pad is the metal piece where the deadbolt secures the door. Usually, a strike plate isn’t strong enough to prevent a forced entry. Install a stronger model with longer screws to be more secure.

2. Secure Your Windows

Thieves love to enter your home through the windows. They usually look for windows around the back of your property that are not easily seen from the street to avoid raising suspicion.

The most simple step you can take in protecting your home from thieves is to always keep your windows locked. Tightly secure the latches of dowels of each window.

If you have a glassdoor, consider installing a rod in the track so the door cannot slide open. Thieves don’t like to break the glass because this can be rather loud. They usually will check to see if all the windows are locked first.

3. Use Outdoor Lighting

Illuminating your home at night is an easy way to feel safer. There is quite a variety in the selection of outdoor lights that you can choose.

Motion sensor outdoor lights are designed to turn on when they sense motion in your yard. These lights instantly turn on and can help you spot burglars in the act.

Landscaping lights also provide some protection by lighting dark corners of your yard so crooks have nowhere they can hide. If you have a large property try installing floodlighting. Floodlighting shines an intense light on your property making it easy to see at night. They also come in motion sensor varieties.

4. Install a Security System

If you’re wondering how to be more secure one answer is a home security system. A home security system is designed to fit your home’s unique needs. Often time burglars avoid a home with a home security system and go after and easier target.

But if your home does get hit and you have a security system, your alarm company will notify the police and help you catch the crooks. Make sure you have a security system professionally installed to achieve the best results for your home and property.

5. Lock Up the Garage

The garage can be an easy point of entry into your home for burglars. Most attached garages have a door leading directly into your home. Any good burglar can pick your garage door open using a simple coat hanger.

Some thieves will steal your garage door opener from your unlocked car and then return at night and simply open the door with your garage door opener.

Protect your garage by installing lighting in front of the garage that shines a spotlight down on the entrance. You can also keep your garage door opener out of sight in the glove compartment to prevent an easy snag for crooks.

6. Use Security Cameras

More and more people these days secure homes using security cameras. The technology is very advanced nowadays and it is also coming down in price. Security cameras can monitor your home and property while you are away.

Most of the time when burglars know you have a camera system they avoid your house altogether. If they do choose to break in any way, the police will have images to help them find the bad guys.

Install home security cameras at all points of entry on the first floor for maximum effectiveness. Don’t forget any side doors or windows especially in areas that are not easily seen from the street.

7. Use a Home Safe

The best way to keep your valuables safe in your house is by using a home safe. If you keep cash, grandma’s jewelry, or important documents at your home it is best to keep them locked up in a safe.

A home safe protects you from theft, fire, and flooding. Before choosing a safe, research the ratings and effectiveness of each model to determine which safe is right for your home. Think about the pros and cons of a keypad safe versus a traditional mechanical lock.

8. Protect Your WiFi

These days crooks can steal from your home online as well. If you conduct your banking online and make purchases online with your credit card you may be susceptible. Criminals that gain access to your WiFi could spell trouble for your bank accounts or child safety.

Avoid this by making your WiFi password unique and strong. Your WiFi password should be at least 20 characters and include numbers and special characters. Turn off your WiFi’s name broadcasting to the general public and update your password frequently.

9. Use Caution When Answering the Door

When a stranger comes knocking on your front door during the day or night always proceed with caution. It is a common tactic for burglars to knock on the front door to see if anyone is home before they enter.

However, even if someone isn’t trying to break in they could still be dangerous. Using a doorbell camera can help you tell who is at the door before you open it. Talk to the person through the door if you are still not quite sure who it is.

Teach your children to never open the door for strangers.

10. Keep Your Home Lighted at Night

Keeping interior lights on at night is a good way to demonstrate to people that you are home at night. There are many automated systems these days that can turn the light on and off in your home when you are stuck at work or on vacation.

Coming home at night to a well-lit home provides an additional layer of security from burglaries.

Be On the Safe Side With This Home Security Tips

Implementing these 10 home security tips will help make your home more secure from potential break-ins and robberies.

However, every home has unique security needs. Contact New Generation Home Pro for a free consultation today. We can create a security plan to protect your property and keep your family safe.

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