10 Home Automation Ideas For 2021

Here some of the ten home automation ideas for 2021.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting at home will go a long way to saving energy that is not necessarily required. By turning off lights when not in use, especially when leaving the house, should be considered. Motion sensors that ensure that a bulb only switches on when needed and will remain off if not in use. Light regulating bulbs that can adjust the percentage of light based on the natural light available.

Climate control automation

Climate control automation controls your house lighting when waking up, exercising, and adjusting curtains based on the sun’s position. The system opens the curtain when you wake up while gradually increasing the lighting and eventually setting the ideal room temperature. You can have an exercise scene that lowers the temperature to a perfect workout and starting the music system to a customized playlist.

Automated energy-saving system

You can install an automated energy-saving system that will monitor home energy consumption while implementing energy management systems. You can also set a lawn system that sprinkles water automatically based on the rain pattern. An energy regulation system monitors your solar panel power production and notifies how much power is available in reserves.

Parental control automation

Parental control automation lets you remotely control the content that your kids access on the TV and internet. This feature will allow you to switch off your kids’ TV remotely and even block some internet sites that you don’t want your kids to access.

Security automation

You can easily lock all doors and gates remotely. You can also monitor your entire house compound, including outside the gate, to monitor the home compound. Motion detector cameras ensure that you will be notified when there is someone at the gate, even the compound’s movements. You can also remotely monitor your kids’ activities in the swimming pool area and lock access to the swimming pool remotely.

Smart party ideas

You can install lights that change based on the type of music beats playing at the party. Use an application to monitor the stock of drinks at your home party to ensure that you order more on time. Regulate the temperature in the party based on the number of people present in the room.

Smart home medical care

Use smart home medical care by helping you monitor your loved ones at home, especially aging parents. By connecting a sensor to your refrigerator, you can monitor if they are hydrating enough or even taking enough food while you are away. Ensure that family members who have dementia don’t leave home in your absentia using smart security. By your aging parents wearing medical alert buttons, you can quickly get alerts if they fall and do not stand up. You can also easily monitor their vitals remotely and ensure they sick medical attention on time.

 Smart doorbell

You can use a smart doorbell from home, get notified on your phone when someone is in front of your door. This will not only be a way to know when people are at your door but an additional security feature for your home safety. The doorbell can be connected to several devices simultaneously and lets you speak to people in real-time.

Bringing theatre to your home

You can bring the theater to your home by subscribing to apps like Netflix and Apple TV. The Covid 19 pandemic has taught us that adopting technology is inevitable in such times, and it is still anticipated that the pandemic will always be with us in 2021. Acquiring the latest state of the art TV with additional accessories like 3D and surround sound system will achieve that

Smart social network

You can now adapt to meeting friends online without stepping out of your home, all of them visiting. Skype, google meet, and Zoom should provide useful tools in making that happen. This will ensure that you get rid of the boredom and loneliness that might arise from being stuck at home with no friends around.