Commercial Security System

Do you seek tech-savvy and smart security system for your retail store? Or perhaps, you need a highly sophisticated security system and smart cameras for your luxury jewelry boutique.

At New Generation Home Pro Inc., we understand that each commercial venue or business has its own unique security requirements and risks. Aside from the property and personnel, it is crucial to protect merchandise, which ranges from grocery items to diamonds and luxury products.

As seasoned security experts, we understand that commercial venues and properties are faced with a diverse array of security challenges and risks. Aside from the usual issues of shoplifting and petty theft, they also need strong defenses against burglaries, walk-in assault and vandalism.
We can help you design cutting-edge security solutions that eliminate all security breaches and loopholes, and offer you a vigilant and robust security system that can be accessed with a few simple clicks!

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Sophisticated Security System

Our commercial security solutions are designed after a detailed inspection of the security venue, and diligent examination of potential breaches. We allocate specific strategic locations to install smart security cameras, which allow store owners or hotel security teams to monitor the entire property from various vantage points. The security system will also feature built-in alarm systems that will alert the authorities in case of any intrusions.

Merchandise Security

Merchandise security is a crucial necessity in The Woodlands, TX, and we have had the pleasure of facilitating various local businesses and retail outlets with leading-edge security solutions. Stores, boutiques and all retail outlets need vigilant security systems and applications to prevent shoplifting or warehouse thefts. We provide superior design solutions that allow you full control over tracking and monitoring plus the ability to trigger alarms in case of shoplifting and petty thefts.

Security System
Security Systems

Personalized Security Solutions

At New Generation Home Pro Inc., our distinctive approach towards personalizing security systems and solutions has allowed us to gain a competitive edge in The Woodlands community. We have served our clients with superior, personalized solutions that are tailored to address their unique security risks and offer them the safety they seek.

Your peace of mind is our labor of love! We are devoted to innovating home security standards in The Woodlands, and which is instrumental for our corporate and commercial ecosystems to thrive.

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