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Getting your protection system designed by a pro will give you a sense of security: there’s nothing quite like realizing that all burglars and false alarms are away from you. The best way to find an installer for a security system depends on what security system you want. Experts provide some of the best pro-installed security solutions from alarm and security camera systems to door and motion sensors, with a skilled installer who will come to your home and install the equipment that works best for your humble abode. You’re a little bit more on your own when it comes to integration with several other monitored home security systems. Luckily the procedure is fairly straightforward if you have to choose between different contractors. That’s because some websites have done the hard work for you already and provide feedback and referrals to the best contractors in your field.

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Smart home technology, also sometimes referred to as home automation or domotics (from the Latin “Domus” meaning house), offers security, comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency for homeowners by enabling them to monitor smart appliances, sometimes through a smart home app on their smartphone or another networked computer. A part of the Internet of Things ( IoT), smart home systems and apps also work together, exchanging data about customer usage among themselves, and automating behavior based on the preferences of homeowners. Almost every area of life whereby technology has reached domestic space (lightbulbs, dishwashers, etc.) has already seen the introduction of an alternative smart home: Smart TVs link to the internet to access the content via apps, including such video and music on demand. Many smart TVs do feature voice or gesture recognition, with linked feeders, Pet care can be automated. Houseplants and lawns may be watered using linked timers and so forth.

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Most of the protection systems provide intelligent thermostats and outlets. Such gadgets allow you to monitor the thermostat on any web-enabled computer if you have forgotten to adjust your thermostat before going on a ride. Similarly, if you think you’ve left your curling iron plugged in, you can turn it off right from any computer. This serves as a great way to switch on and off lights when you’re on holiday to help give the home the impression that somebody is there. Modern alarm monitoring systems can track events that happen while you’re away from your home. There are protection systems that have a fire or smoke detection add-on feature. Such devices will alert you immediately during emergencies such as a fire outbreak, gas explosion, or emergency flooding.

Kohrville, TX

Kohrville is an unincorporated community in Harris County, Texas, sometimes called Kerrville and Pilotville.

The town that came to be known as Kohrville was settled by former slaves who came to this area from Alabama and Mississippi after the Civil War. Initially, they settled in an area west of Houston that was once named Piney Points, situated near the present Westheimer and Jeanetta intersection (not the same as Piney Point Village). The newly freed blacks, led by Rev. Mack Austin, founded Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church on March 10, 1865. The blacks started working for other men, putting up fence posts and rail fences, and earning money. Ten families saved some money through lumbering and charcoal production and bought land along Cypress Creek, named “The Bottoms,” northwest of Houston. The Bottoms is now in suburb Lakewood, out of Louetta Road and Highway 249. The land-buying families included Jake Woods, Willis Woods, Mango Weeds, Phil Blackstock, Thomas Amos, Richard Patterson, Sam Williams, Livington Stewart, Kyle Williams, and Runch Carrs.

Willis Woods owned 310 hectares of land at The Bottoms. He provided the community land for a church, a cemetery, a school, and a development hall for the farmers. The Society for Farmers’ Change was a masonic body. The Bottoms were right on Cypress Creek, which was mostly over their banks, and the black community relocated on. Mr. Pillot sold most of the land to the citizens and from present highway 249 to Boudreaux Lane, they settled on the land. Everything that remains is a graveyard from the early settlement at The Bottoms. The school and the church were still in the Bottoms for several years, long after the settlers left. Raised in 1882, Sophia Woods Blackshear recalled traveling the three miles to school. The children of the Mills lived on Willow Creek and walked six miles to go to school in The Bottoms.

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