real estateThe real estate industry is rapidly changing and becoming more digital by the day. With that in mind, it’s essential to keep up with these changes so that you can stay ahead of your competition. One such change that has been on the rise for some time now is home automation technology, otherwise known as smart homes. While this new tech may seem like a luxury for the rich and famous, it’s going to have a significant impact on how real estate agents do business.

If you’re not familiar with home automation, let’s start there. Smart home technology is precisely what it sounds like: your house becomes “smart” by making physical changes that bring your home into the 21st century. Smart home technology can include anything from touchless faucets to solar panels, smart light bulbs that switch off when you’re not in the room, and advanced video surveillance systems. Smart houses are all about integrating technology into your everyday life for your comfort and convenience.

Home automation is a perfect place for people who enjoy convenience and control. All of the appliances in your house can be controlled remotely with an internet connection, giving you access to everything from security settings on doors up to changing lighting schedules!

The Impacts of Smart Homes on the Real Estate Industry

So what does this have to do with real estate? Well, think about it: if people are willing to go through the trouble of installing smart home technology, there’s a good chance that they’re looking for an environment that supports it. Smart houses require specific appliances and lighting setups that can be difficult (or at least inconvenient) to recreate. Because of this, buyers who prefer these features could end up having difficulty finding their perfect home. Home automation technology also tends to be more expensive, making a location especially desirable for specific buyers. Here we will discuss how this technology can benefit both parties and some downsides that we should be aware of. 

Smart Home Technology Has The Potential To Increase The Value Of Real Estate.

Home automation could be the key to getting your house on sale. Homeowners who invest in smart technology, like home office systems or security cameras, can get it approved by banks more quickly than those without these features and amenities – which means they may sell for up to 5% over an ordinary property around the same area! Why? Well, firstly, smart houses tend to be safer and more secure than run-of-the-mill homes. They also require less maintenance and upkeep, which means that your buyer will have fewer expenses.

For real estate agents themselves, this technology can completely change the way they do business. In a world where sellers are becoming increasingly concerned about the convenience and comfort of home buyers, a list of luxurious smart home features can set your listings apart from all the rest! Many homeowners could sell their homes up to 5% more than comparable properties in their area. That’s an extra $60 000 on top of their asking price!

Such Homes Spend Less Time On The Market.

In today’s world, many variables come into play when selling a home. If you’re finding it awkward to shift your property and hamper future moves, then consider using smart devices for assistance in marketing or even just as a point of contact during showings. Eighty-one percent admitted being more likely to buy from the seller who made their listing seem automated on these platforms, which shows how they can influence potential buyers’ behavior through other means unrelated price-wise!

Home automation can be beautiful to specific buyers who use on-demand streaming services and need a house accommodating their busy lifestyles. Smart house features can also add a sense of security, especially in homes with older people or families with children.

Smart Homes Can Be Targeted to Specific Buyers:

Homebuyers and renters alike will soon be able to customize their homes with the newest smart home technology. Some homeowners want more flexibility, like automating blinds or adjusting thermostat settings from anywhere at any time. Meanwhile, other people prefer simplicity, such as security features that keep them safe inside bedtime hours (even if they’re 65!).

Renting an apartment built on IoT-enabled platforms offer both parties advantages. Landlords may enjoy reduced utility costs while tenants get access 24/7 without having another person living under one roof. All thanks to a machine called Google Home.

It Is The Selling Point

In a world where more and more people are going to apartments or homes with smart technology, it’s no wonder that the future of housing is now in our hands. With over forty percent of millennials already using these types of products daily- why not make your place seem like another lucky individual? Nearly everyone has smartphones which save them an average of thirty minutes each day and at least a hundred dollars monthly! Imagine how quickly you could cut back on some spending if this becomes integrated into new construction projects, too. It saves even more time while still maintaining desirability for young homebuyers who have grown accustomed to preinstalled systems from companies such as Amazon’s Alexa. Smart technology can reduce the time it takes to market your property, giving you more time to relax or buy a new home! Smart homes are still in their infant stages, making it an even more exciting market for organizations and investors alike. It is one of the most rapidly-growing industries at this very moment because that means that even more money can be made as a result. Home automation is the future, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone has one.

The Rise of New Smart Developments

Home automation in the rental sector is an exciting, new trend that will likely continue to grow. As more developments start implementing automation from scratch and landlords are limited on what changes they can make for tenants who don’t want their Smart Home Gear installed, smart technology becomes even more critical here! Smart homes are still a relatively young idea. Still, they’re growing exponentially in popularity, which is why you should stay ahead of the game by implementing this technology into at least one unit. Smart house amenities can be especially beneficial if aimed towards families or individuals who may need some extra automation.

Combination of Real Estate and Lifestyle.

A home is more than just a place to live nowadays; and it’s also an investment in lifestyle. Lifestyle has always been associated with real estate. Still, the introduction of smart-home technology only strengthened this connection as buyers are looking for homes that provide them benefits similar to those offered by recent technological advancements. At the same time, developers work harder than ever before, matching these desires through innovation and creativity. Home automations also provide a community-level change because they’re beginning to be incorporated into new builds, which will lead to an evolution of smart technology in the future. 

Smart homes are heavily focused on security, automation, and convenience (all of which can be found through Smart Home Technologies). Smart home buyers love knowing that their automated blinds will keep them comfortable and safe during a storm, or their Smart Home system will automatically turn on the oven if they forget to preheat it before they come home from work. Smart homes aren’t just beneficial for individuals, but they’re also essential to consider when buying an investment property. Due to the monthly savings that can be accrued through Smart Home Technologies, smart properties tend to have a lower vacancy rate and generate more rental revenue per month, making Smart House Technology an essential part of the real estate cycle.

Smart Homes Are Not For Everyone (and That’s Okay).

That said, not everyone has the same set of priorities or requirements- some people may already have all the features they need and don’t want to bother with complicated setups. Others may not be able to spend more money on their house than the down payment required for a mortgage.

However, smart technology can add a sense of convenience to buying and selling homes. It is something that every realtor should consider because it could be the secret to unlocking access to your perfect home! 

The Home Automation Devices That Will Increase The Value of Your Home

Smart devices are capable of increasing the value of homes for sale. Here’s our list with ten areas offering maximum returns: 

Smart Locks

The next time your home is on the market, consider installing smart locks to increase convenience and appeal. With models that suit all tastes from fingerprint ID entry for privacy protection up through keyless systems designed so buyers can choose their preferred method of access when they purchase it – you’ll be sure to find yourself in high demand!

Smoke Detectors

It’s essential to install a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in your home, but many of us don’t always prioritize them. Only 44 percent of Americans rank safety as their prime concern when thinking about smart devices – this can lead to an oversight on these life-saving devices!

It’s easy for someone feeling safe inside their own four walls not to see what hazardous situations might happen without one around or how quickly they could become necessary if something does go wrong outside that space (think: natural disaster). But while we’re all here today talking with each other face-to-face instead of behind closed doors because technology got too much going against it during our last catastrophe. Let me ask you: Why not take the next step and install a Smart Home device that could potentially save your life?

Smart Thermostats

These Smart Home devices can keep you comfortable and cozy year-round by controlling your heating and cooling system, and they’re even more beneficial than you might realize! Smart thermostats learn about your routine to predict your arrival and departure times and improve your energy efficiency by automatically adjusting to fit around those schedules. Smart thermostats can save you money on your monthly heating bill since they’ll only need to power up when it’s cold outside or during peak hours as opposed to staying on all day long as most regular thermostats do. Smart thermostats also allow you to control your home’s temperature from anywhere, making them the Smart Home device that will give you the most value for your money.


By installing a smart sprinkler system, you can save on utility bills and environmental footprint. Plus, potential buyers will be pleased with their purchase, knowing that they won’t have to maintain an expensive lawn themselves!


The proper lighting at the ideal time can set a great tone for your home. Smart bulbs are sophisticated enough to know when someone has entered and then emit mood-lighting as they explore through every room of yours!

Security Cameras

One of the best ways to sell your home in today’s competitive market is with security cameras. They will ensure that no one messes around and attempts any funny business before the offer has been accepted, which means you can rest easy knowing it stays safe until an interested buyer steps up!

Home Security System

It is no surprise that half of Americans say security is their driving motivator for smart devices. With so many reasons why more and better choices are in the market for a home’s safety, people are certainly having various configurations and choosing them with ease at hand!

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