Get Close and Personal With Exotic Animals at TGR Exotics Wildlife Park

TGR Exotics Wildlife Park

At TGR Exotics Wildlife Park, you’ll get close and personal with several of the most exotic, interesting, and extinct species on Planet Earth. Guests will find approximately one hundred animals comprising more than twenty-five species today. Many of their animals are hands raised, if not fully hand raised, and they have fantastic characteristics and qualities.

This place has offered anything enjoyable every time. It is like taking a private tour of your zoo. It never gets too crowded and the children will learn so much. This is more than a petting zoo because it is much more fun and informative. Be surprised at the variety of animals you could meet and how many of them were able to engage with. You may have incredible encounters feeding the Otters, feeding and petting the Brazilian porcupine, and petting the anteaters and Striped Hyena.

When you want to feed a Sloth or to pet it. This is your chance. They provide sumptuous Sloth experiences. It is a Two-Toed Sloth Experience with Stella, Quincy, and Aurora within 15 minutes. There’s also a two-hour fun and informative experience that provides special behind-the-scenes views and insightful information about how they take care of their animals. TGR Exotic Wildlife Park offers two-hour classes aimed at improving hands-on critical thinking abilities. Vet Tech-Students can learn about endoparasites, conduct fecal testing, classify parasites, and establish a real-life treatment plan.

Come and see TGR Exotics’ beautiful reptiles. You ‘re going to read, see and touch a range of pythons and boa’s from very small to incredibly long, 19 + feet. You ‘re going to get up close and personal with several snakes, lizards, and monitor reptiles. This is a hands-on activity and perfect for all ages! This hour-long event features air conditioning indoors.

Have a Little Please of Nature in the Heart of Conroe, TX and The Woodlands, TX

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