Top Attractions in Conroe, TexasIf you’re looking for a city with great attractions, consider visiting Conroe, Texas. The city is located in Montgomery County, Texas, about 40 miles north of Houston, within the Houston-Conroe, TX and The Woodlands, TX-Sugar Land metropolitan area. The city is home to plenty of attractions, including the Harrisburg Space Center and the Cypress Creek Zoo. 

Historical Background

When Isaac Conroe established his sawmill in 1881, it was the junction between the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe—located just south of what is now known as Conroe station (a railway hub). This strategic location helped establish him as one who prospered from the influx of settlers that came with them; needing homes for their families quickly grew into schools or churches, too-all arising around where he made history happen!

Built up in the 1800s as an important shipping center for livestock and crops with mills to create bricks, among other things- it’s no wonder that this small town would give you some great memories when visiting! The Isaac Conroe House was built in 1885. It is a historic house. The house has been used as the town’s post office and a temporary courthouse. The city, Conroe, had a hard time during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Many companies were closed down before George W Strake found oil on the outskirts of town in December 1931. Conroe’s economy started to get better when people came and made oil. This lasted for a short time, and Conroe was the town with the most millionaires per capita. To make it easier to produce oil, they paved streets and extended US Highway 75.

Conroe has changed a lot over the last 130 years. Miners found this place, and it became a town where people could make art or learn about history. There are places in the city to see live music, theater, and locals who want to tell you about its rich history. There are always new things coming to Conroe that will make you want to come back again soon.

Things to Do in Conroe, TX

Conroe is a great place to do lots of activities. Hike, bike, swim, and golf are some things you can enjoy in Conroe. There are also art galleries and theaters for you to explore. Learn more about the attractions in Conroe!

Lake Conroe Park

You can do many things at Lake Conroe Park. You can swim, eat barbeque, and play volleyball. Don’t worry because lakes in Texas rarely freeze over if you visit during winter. You can still enjoy nature or go to the water for sunset. The park is open Tuesday-Sunday from 9 am until dusk and costs $5 for entry per person.

Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm

Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm is just 25 minutes from downtown Conroe. There are over a dozen types of blueberries at the farm. The berries are chemical and pesticide-free, and they have been family-owned since 1977. The season lasts from the last weekend in May until mid-July, depending on the weather that year.

7 Acre Wood

This family fun park has plenty of great things for kids to do. There is a petting zoo with donkeys, llamas, and goats; there is also a Western Play Town, and 7 Acre Wood even has miniature golf! There’s also a playground with giant sandboxes, rope slides, and more.

B-52 Brewing Company

B-52 Brewing is a craft beer producer with an extensive offering. Their hops and malts come together to create flavorful IPAs and creamy stouts that are perfect for any occasion! Make sure not to drink too much as they have tours every weekend afternoon starting at 1:00 pm sharp during regular business hours ( Saturdays). They also offer outdoor games such as Ping Pong or Bean Bag Toss, so you can spend your Saturday afternoon having fun while enjoying some delicious brews too.

The Montgomery County Airport

The Montgomery County Airport not only houses one of the most significant planes in WWII, but it also offers free rides for those who would like to soar with greatness. For a price, though, you can fly high and peer out from an open bombardier seat on this original B-17 flying fortress!

Sam Houston National Forest

The Sam Houston National Forest and W. G Jones State Forest is where avid hikers can explore the piney woods from East Texas. These managed forests have some beautiful virgin pines growing in them that make for great picnic spots with family or friends!

Conroe, TX and The Woodlands, TX Mall.

Conroe, TX and The Woodlands, TX Mall is an excellent place to shop for anyone who wants the latest fashion and technology. With over 1 million square feet of retail space, there are some name-brand stores that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

The Toasted Yolk

The Toasted Yolk is the place to go for breakfast in Conroe. They have a great menu of unique dishes, Arnold’s Ed’s Benedict, which fuses original benedicts with unique flavors you need to try! With mimosas and bottomless cups of coffee, this restaurant offers everything your day needs on its way; start right now that starts with good food at The Toasted Yolk.

Crighton Theater

The Crighton Theater has been a center of culture and entertainment for Conroe, Texas, since its restoration in the 1930s. They present classic plays like School Of Rock to modern musicals such as Grease or Steel Magnolias with live concerts on their stage!

Pacific Yard House

Pacific Yard House is the perfect place to go for a delicious meal, drinks, and live music. They have outdoor dining with an extensive bar featuring more than 30 beers on tap, as well as indoor seating that provides privacy if needed while still being close enough so you can dance your night away! The menu offers American comfort food such as BBQ or burgers alongside crawfish, which will make every Texan happy (and then some).

Big Rivers Waterpark

Big Rivers Waterpark is the perfect place to spend an afternoon or even a whole day with enough attractions that both older and younger visitors will be entertained. Not only do they feature tons of splashy fun in the form of water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers- but also climbing walls, ziplines and obstacle courses! So whatever activities you go for (especially over 40 acres), there’s sure to be something new waiting just around every corner at Big river’s big waterscapes park.

With so many natural attractions to explore, Conroe is a great place for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts. Luckily, some beautiful parks in the area make it easy to enjoy nature without even leaving town! If you’re looking for somewhere close by where you can escape city life and reconnect with Mother Nature while soaking up fresh air and sunshine, then head on over to one of these top attractions in Conroe today.