Home Security SystemAre you looking for home security that will keep you and your family safe? If so, then there are two options to choose from: Unmonitored or Monitored. It can be hard to know what type of home security system you need. Do you want an unmonitored or monitored system? There are a few significant differences between these two options that will help you determine what is best for your needs. Let’s look at the difference between the two types of systems and how they work. If you want to learn more about what sets these systems apart, keep reading!

Monitored Security Systems.

Monitored security systems are proactive measures taken by professionals to ensure your safety. They’re designed with three key features: monitoring, alarms, and emergency response services that will contact authorities when triggered by a break-in or fire, in addition to providing you peace of mind. Home security companies offer several different types of monitored security systems. 

Monitoring By A Professional Is Convenient:

One of the most significant advantages of a monitored system is that you don’t have to monitor it when away from home. Leave this task up to professionals and let them handle things while we’re out. They’ll probably give us some peace of mind too!

Purchasing security plans can be expensive, but it also ensures that the same company will install them themselves (though there’s often an extra installation fee). If you’re not mechanically inclined or self-assured in such matters, then having those who know what they’re doing set everything up might just put your mind at ease as well.

Professional Surveillance Is Thorough.

If you want the most comprehensive security system at your fingertips, monitored service is for you. And with many providers offering equipment and systems free of charge in exchange for 24/7 monitoring by specialists around the clock, there’s no need to spend extra money upfront when Frontpoint does it all. It includes thermostats controlled remotely via smartphone app (or even voice command) and electronic locks installed on doors and windows using keyless technology, making them more secure than ever before!

The downside of A Monitored Home Security System:

Costly: A monitored home security system will cost you a lot of money. If your budget is tight, this might not be the best option for you since this setup requires an ongoing fee every month or year, depending on what kind of agreement was made between yourself and their contracted company.

Can’t DIY: One of the top reasons people don’t install a monitored security system at their home requires professional installation. If you’re looking into this option, some newer companies have easy-to-setup set up systems for homeowners, like SimpliSafe!

Not Flexible: Sometimes, it can be challenging to downgrade your monitored system once you upgrade. The vendor would instead offer their service at a higher price than lose money on unmonitored devices. Most of them are only available with an existing subscription plan, and contracts lock customers in for one year or more!

Fees for False Alarm: It can be costly if you receive a false alarm during an emergency. Depending on local regulations and the type of device used to trigger it (e-call system for fire departments or police officers), there might be fines for making such mistakes!

Unmonitored Security Systems

A home without an active security system is like a house with no locks on the doors. A monitored protection system will keep you safe. Still, it can be not easy to monitor all areas of your property at once and make sure everything’s working correctly when there are so many varieties of it! Unmonitored systems provide some peace of mind by allowing homeowners more freedom in what they want their monitoring experience template to look like. It involves having professionals install hardware right down to downloading smartphone apps for remote access (and sometimes even voice recognition). Homeowners who aren’t tech-savvy or don’t want to fuss with a system can opt for a fully-unmonitored service that still provides security measures by installing systems on doors and windows that only work when the correct key is used.

It Is Economical

There are many benefits to unmonitored security systems, and the primary advantage is cost. Even if you pay a professional installer for your system, it will be less expensive than one with monitored service because most of the prices are in monitoring rather than the equipment itself. 

Though ultimately proving cheaper does not necessarily make them better, when considering functionality, there can still be higher upfront expenditures depending on what type you choose (un vs. monitored). Un-monitored systems cannot provide the same level of protection as mains-powered units do either. Monitoring will cost hundreds of dollars each year, but an unmonitored security system may only require you to purchase the equipment up front. Additionally, prices for professional installation are usually higher with monitored systems because additional equipment is included.

It Saves Money

Although there are some added costs involved with owning a monitored system (such as monthly fees), they’re offset by the fact that you’ll likely save money in the long run. Homeowners who decide to spring for unmonitored systems will see their main expenses after purchase, with no added benefits.

As far as the actual equipment goes (such as motion sensors and security cameras), you can expect to pay more upfront if opting for a monitored system because it tends to provide additional features like glass breakage detectors, smoke detectors, and panic buttons. Unmonitored systems, on the other hand, are usually less expensive in terms of equipment costs.

The downside of A Unmonitored Home Security System:

Constant Monitoring: You’re on the lookout for cyber threats, so you need constant security. The system will notify your phone when there’s an issue and tell you what to do next!

Too Much Dependence On WiFi: WiFi connection is a necessary component for an effective remote monitoring system.

Data sharing: It’s essential to know how your data is being used to make informed decisions. Your information may be accessed by law enforcement without any input or knowledge on its part – but at least in some cases, the company has their consent first!

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