Home Security SystemsBurglary is a theft that occurs when someone enters your home with the intent of stealing something. According to the FBI, there were an estimated 1,059,147 burglaries reported across the U.S. in 2015” We know from experience how dangerous these situations can be, and people need to take steps to prevent them from happening in their own homes. In this post, we’ll discuss five common burglaries and ways you can avoid them by using home security systems in your home!

The Front Entrance

The front door of a house is one of the most common entry points for burglars. They know you might have a spare key, so they’ll break down your door and take all that’s not nailed down – like keys! A survey found that 40% of completed break-ins involved forced entry; 32% happened when would-be robbers targeted an unlocked door.

People often forget to lock their doors or are too lazy to get up off their couch after coming home from work. The result? Your first-line defense against burglary turns into window dressing because no self-respecting burglar knocks politely before entering.


The windows in a home are often one of the most vulnerable points for burglars. Although they may seem like an effective way to keep this from happening, it is more complex than you think when many homeowners leave their windows unlatched or without any strong locks on them at all! This means that even if your neighbor did hear someone break into your house and call 911—by then, it could already be too late unless there were some warning signs beforehand, such as sounds coming through walls loud enough, so they knew something was wrong like breaking glass.

Alternate Entrance

You can test every possible entry opening, including side and garage doors- even if you don’t use them often! You must make sure they are locked at all times so your home stays protected from intruders who will take advantage of any unlocked entrance or window with no protection in place.

Tall Trees or Outdoor Tables

Some plants can provide a burglar with easy access to the second story of your home. Even if you are very careful about locking windows on the lower-level, most people forget that their children also have access points near or above ground level too – especially when trees offer cover from neighboring houses and outdoor furniture provides shelter around doors leading up into homes themselves without requiring any effort from its dwellers at night time!

Gates Burglary

A thief may use many different methods to get into your gates, such as crowbars and picking tools. They do this in areas where fewer people can hear them make too much noise or at night when you’re sleeping- which doesn’t suit their schedule very well! One thing we recommend for preventing any unwanted intruders from compromising these security measures: fitting out with automated lights above each entrance point will help deter potential burglars altogether.

Gates are a fantastic way to keep your home safe and sound. They can be installed at the entrance, back door, or even windows that offer easy access without supervision from parents who may not always have enough time on their hands as they juggle work responsibilities outside of caring for children inside. A high-security gate with sharp spikes on top will deter burglars because getting past these defenses is extremely difficult-even more so if you use heavy bolts secured by locks capable of holding up against attacks such as kicking them down!

Ways To Prevent Burglary Using Home Security Systems

Burglars are on the hunt. You can’t be too safe, so it’s essential to take every precaution possible to protect your home and family from a burglary. One way this can be done is by using a security system in your home. Not only will you prevent common burglaries by using these systems, but they can also act as a way to protect your home in ways that you may not have thought of. Here are some common burglaries that can be prevented with security systems and how it helps.

1. Secure Your Home By Installing Security Cameras

The exterior home security cameras visible from a distance yet high enough not to be reached by any burglars are an excellent way of making crooks think twice. Consider wrapping your camera in protective mesh and adding signs indicating the property’s protection by video surveillance as well!

2. Secure All Entrance

It would be great to always make sure that doors and windows are locked when you leave your home. If they aren’t, someone else could come in or out without knowing because of how quick it would be for them to do so! So don’t let this problem go unsolved- take just a couple of minutes to check if all the locks work correctly before calling it quits at night time tonight.

3. Perfectly Setup Landscape

Please make sure the windows in front of your home are well lit so that they can’t break through it while you’re sleeping. Grow shrubs and plants with spiky leaves or thorns to deter burglars. Keep bushes trimmed down two feet high – too many gaps between plantings makes for perfect cover by would-be thieves looking for easy targets they can’t even see any better than they already do without your helping them out with this!

4. Always Keep Your System Ready

The most dangerous type of break-in is the one that occurs when you’re home. Closets and garages are familiar places to put money, jewelry, and other valuables, and it is best to keep them hidden in a place no one would think of looking! Ensure your home automation system has a default setting to be armed while disabling interior motion sensors and entering within sensor range only; this will help keep intruders away from valuable areas like bedrooms where victims may sleep or personal belongings stored inside.

5. Use Smart Lock Technology

Developed from standard door locks, a smart lock is a highly advanced security system that employs digital key technology to protect your home further. Instead of using classic keys or passcodes, you can now unlock your doors by tapping a button on the outside of the door-it’s as simple as that. Smart locks are a common way to prevent common burglaries because, after installation, they can’t be picked or forced open!

6. Add Security To Your Windows

You’ll want to make sure your windows are protected as well. It would be a bad feeling if someone broke into your place through the window and you were asleep! If your bedroom is on the ground floor, you might want to consider adding extra locks and bars- especially if it or any of its furniture is near the windows. It’s better to go with heavy-duty locks that are difficult to pick or break through!

The best way to protect your home and family when you’re not around is by installing a monitored alarm system. Video cameras, motion sensors, sound detectors – these are just some tools that will help keep would-be burglars at bay with exterior home security systems in case they decide to attempt to enter the property.

A custom security package can also provide peace of mind knowing there’s someone monitoring activity 24/7 from start-up through maintenance & support services!

Home Security Systems in Conroe, TX

Burglaries are frightening and often costly for homeowners. Though there is no way to prevent a break-in, taking the proper precautions ultimately can help you feel safer in your home and potentially save money on insurance premiums. If you’re looking for ways to secure your property, we invite you to contact our team of experts at New Generation Home Pro Inc! We provide quality home security installation services as well as maintenance plans that will keep your system running smoothly year-round. Please don’t wait until it’s too late; call today!