Voice-controlled home Automation- best devices to use

Voice-controlled devices used at home have improved in the recent past. It is now possible to control almost every device using voice commands. The improvements seem to increase every month with the introduction of new gadgets after another. Homeowners can now control nearly every gadget using their voice from anywhere in the house and away. Thousands of people worldwide have already some of these devices installed in their homes and can testify how they have helped improve their lives. Here are some of the best smart home devices you might want to consider.

Vocca Light

This is a voice recognizing lighting system that can be acquired easily from any dealership in the country. Forget the clap routine lighting control. This device can recognize voice control from 5 meters away. The most exciting feature is that you can install it without professional assistance. It is as easy as replacing a bulb because it will work straight from the box.

Ivee Sleek

It is probably one of the most mesmerizing voice-controlled devices that you might acquire today. This device can pick up voice commands from 15 feet away with very efficient command execution. You will be able to adjust your thermostat even in the comfort of your bed without moving a finger. Ivee Sleek will also come with the excellent capability of creating playlists or even booking you an Uber ride by just following your instructions.


The Jibo goes beyond connecting to your smart devices. It is built-in, high-resolution cameras (that recognize and track faces) can also capture pictures and enable video calling.

Atom Homey

If you live in a multi-lingual household, you can take advantage of homey voice control, too! The Atom Homey’s unique ability to understand commands in several languages makes it stand above the competition.

LG Vacuum Cleaner

It is a state-of-the-art technology that helps you clean your house with a simple command. This device will perform different cleaning patterns with a simple control like spot cleaning those extra dirty spots. You no longer need to push your vacuum cleaner around the house. Say it, and it is done.


Mycroft does not simply lock the doors or switch on the lights. It can sync up with your streaming services, such as Netflix, and stream the content right on your Roku or Chromecast.

Smart TV

A smart TV will mesmerize you, especially if you have been using an old TV, the functions that it can perform by just using your voice. You will no longer need to look for your remote control after losing it in your house. You do not have to stand and walk to the TV either. You will be able to access Netflix and all other TV-related channels without moving from your couch.

The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart thermostat with voice control device is beyond the general learning thermostat. The device can incorporate new vocabularies based on the individual’s interaction with it.

The Amazon Echo

The amazon echo, otherwise known as Alexa, is likely to be your new companion. This Amazon Echo can take orders and make changes to suit your preferences. For instance, she will know your routine with Alexa and remind you of things you may forget. For example, she may ask to play cool music while you are stressed or want to sleep.

Apple home kit

The apple home kit is another smart home device you may want to install. The apple home kit is also known as Siri. Through the apple home kit, you will be able to control all your smart home devices, even when you are not around. Besides, you can control your smart home systems through Siri when you are away and be comfortable.